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Kambrook - The Smarter Choice

For more than 45 years, Kambrook has been synonymous with affordable, quality appliances that incorporate far more features than you would expect at the price.

Today, Kambrook’s ever-expanding product range encompasses appliances for the kitchen, from slow cookers to kettles to frypans, as well as those for the living room, laundry and bedroom, such as irons, vacuums, heaters, electric blankets and fans.

Here’s how it all started:

Kambrook Road

The company was founded in 1964 by Australian inventor Frank Bannigan who had an obsession with electrical appliances and was on a mission to bring the price of quality products within everyone's reach. Frank converted his home garage into a workshop and named the company after the road on which he lived.

Kambrook invents the power board

Kambrook set out to make practical products designed to enhance everyday life. This philosophy quickly led to the invention in the early 1970s of Kambrook's first major product – the 4-way power board. Frank actually developed this out of pure frustration as at the time he did not have enough power points to test his products. It was a simple, low-cost and effective solution that became a worldwide hit and remains an essential household item today.

Other successful Kambrook inventions

The power board was quickly followed by another invention – the plug-in electric timer. This device was initially designed to test the life of every Kambrook appliance, without physically having to switch it on and off, but quickly became popular.

In 1977, Frank's inventive mind turned to a revolutionary new idea - the plastic kettle. With better heat insulation than metal, the new kettle was cheaper and much safer. It proved another major Australian success story with Kambrook selling more than 250,000 units in its first year.

Kambrook’s got talent

While fast becoming a household name thanks to Frank and his team’s ingenuity, it was the sponsorship of one of Australia's all-time favourite TV shows, Young Talent Time, which helped cement Kambrook as a popular Australian brand. With the slogan "It took Kambrook to think of it", the show had a huge following and starred a number of celebrities including Dannii Minogue, Tina Arena and Johnny Young.

To Antarctica and back

Another milestone for the company came when Kambrook decided to test its first heaters in the harshest environment a home heater could find itself – Antarctica, where temperatures fall to -70 degrees Celsius in the winter months. An ideal testing ground to prove the heaters' effectiveness, Kambrook sent samples to the crew at Australia's Mawson Station where the 20-strong team put the products through their paces.

This bold experiment laid the groundwork for Kambrook's continued commitment to manufacturing appliances to the highest safety standards and performance levels and putting them through rigorous testing procedures at its Australian laboratories.

Peace of mind for our customers

As a result, our customers can be confident that Kambrook’s products offer honest value – durable appliances with better features at the right price.

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