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Quality Products, Durability Tested

When Kambrook designed its line of home heaters, the company wanted to put the appliances through extreme testing conditions to measure their quality and durability.

Laboratory testing wasn't enough; Kambrook wanted to put their heaters in the field to make sure they performed like they were supposed to. They decided to test them in harshest environment a home heater could find itself – Antarctica, where temperatures can fall to -70 degrees Celsius in the winter months.

Kambrook sent samples to the crew at Australia's Mawson Station, the oldest continuously inhabited Antarctic station below the Antarctic Circle. Manned by only 20 inhabitants in the winter months, Mawson Station was an ideal testing ground to prove the heaters' effectiveness, and the bold experiment laid the groundwork for Kambrook's commitment to durability testing in all of its products.

Today, every Kambrook product is still built to the toughest durability standards and performance levels. Every new Kambrook product is tested in our Australian laboratories by our engineers for safety, durability and performance. That is the Kambrook guarantee.